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My guest, Benjamin David (https://ourherowithin.com/) was sent to maximum security prison shortly after his 18th birthday. 14 years later, he sat across from me via Skype and told me he had needed it. He's not the same man today and only wishes his mom could have seen his transformation. Today, Benjamin is an author, youth mentor, and fitness entrepreneur.

Watch the video of our Skype conversation on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCABhTgO9DqalI21QJ9CpWUA

[16:27] Take us back to your childhood and when things started to change for you as a teen.
[33:00] Describe the day you were sent away to Mexico.
[44:00] Are these U.S. kids? Where are they from?
[54:10] You were able to leave when you turned 18? Tell me about that day.
[1:01:06] What were your initial impressions of prison?
[1:24:00] When did you meet your mentor?
[1:45:00] Do you feel comfortable talking about your mom?
[1:57:00] Tell me about the birds that started to appear.
[2:09:00] “I thought maybe the world would give me a fresh start. That wasn’t the case.”
[2:15:00] “I face rejection and stress by stepping outside that door.”
[2:18:44] When did you decide that you wanted to write a book?
[2:35:00] I’m writing it for teens and young adults who are lost like I was. Maybe a parent or friend can show them my book before it is too late.
[2:38:00] What are your goals for the next few years?

Benjamin David's website: https://ourherowithin.com/

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