Carleena Angwin

Host of The Carleena Show

The hero's journey lives within all of us. By overcoming a great challenge, leaving the known for the unknown, starting a new business, reexamining life after a loss, taking that first step to recovery, a hero is on their way to transformation.

Join host Carleena Angwin as she guides guests through their personal hero's journey. Guests on the show have experienced great hurdles of the mind, body, or spirit. Through the process, they were transformed and gained insights into the world and themselves.

Our guests share those experiences with us, the listeners, and it is medicine for the soul. We listen and realize we are not alone in this world.

Carleena’s Bio

Carleena has an MFA in Nonfiction from Goucher College and a BS in Communications from Ithaca College. She served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama from 2001-2003, taught English at a public university in Mexico from 2004-2005, and worked in the foster care/juvenile court system in Georgia from 2005-2008.

Currently, she lives in Tennessee with her significant other Steven and her significant canine, Luna. For work, she trains health care professionals in evidence-based programming, practices radiological response exercises, facilitates health and wellness programs & co-authored an article in the Journal of Inter-professional Education & Practice.

She holds certifications in English/Spanish interpretation, massage therapy, reiki, and is a CDSMP Master Trainer. In her personal time, she’s writing a narrative nonfiction book and growing The Carleena Show podcast. She loves talking to people and hearing their stories.

Carleena Angwin has hosted 11 episodes.