Episode 3

Jennifer Silver: The Journey Of A Young Artist


June 21st, 2018

45 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

Today's guest moved from her small town in Ohio to downtown Atlanta to pursue her dream of directing and writing. She talks about the journey of discovering her passion at a young age and working diligently towards that goal ever since. But pursuing an artistic dream comes with its challenges. Jen unpacks those challenges with insight and humor.

[14:10] "Creating art that speaks to people is an incredibly unique opportunity. I’ve been pursing that very diligently, much to my own dismay. Because it’s exhausting sometimes."
[20:50] "Walk me through the highs and lows of a project cycle."
[31:15] "How do you take your experiences from life and incorporate them into your art?"
[37:00] "I’ve talked to so many people who can point to one year in their 20s and say, ‘this year sucked.’ For me, it was definitely 25. I hit rock bottom in a lot of areas in my life all at once. The day I turned 26, I said goodbye to something really big."

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