Benjamin David

Special guest

“You may find yourself to be out of tune with life, but you aren’t. As every journey has a hero, you are the hero of yours. You just have to be willing to take the risk and realize your fullest potential.” – Benjamin David, Our Hero Within.

As a survivor of prison, child abuse & feeling “lost in life”, Benjamin begins his story as an 8-year-old boy and takes you through a sobering journey of what it’s like to grow up inside a family torn apart by alcohol and drug abuse where he developed an over-all careless and defeated mentality towards life that eventually left him to find himself inside of a West Texas maximum security prison unit.

Not Just another “lost teen story” about finding yourself, Benjamin David offers practical advice and wisdom that only comes from the harshest of experiences.

By using what he learned while in prison from reading books on spirituality and psychology and combining that with his many years as a sports nutritionist and successful fitness specialist there-after, Benjamin David now operates an online business with his website Our Hero Within dot com and acts as professional fitness trainer and youth mentor to his thousands of monthly visitors.

“Most people wander around through life as if they are some sort of unexplainable miracle or accident, but the truth is, is that no one is an accident. You don’t have to be. We’re all here with a purpose. We just have to have faith as we figure out what that is.” – Benjamin David, Our Hero Within

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