Episode 2

Stephanie Jones: Trauma Survivor and Wounded Healer


June 12th, 2018

49 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

As a trauma survivor and wounded healer, our guest Stephanie Jones personally understands the mind-body-spirit journey of trauma recovery, and she firmly believes that healing from trauma is possible [1:20]: What is a Wounded Healer? [2:00]: Stephanie takes us back and tells us her hero's journey [17:55]: “The bridge between yoga and counseling for me is trauma. I identify as a trauma survivor." [21:00]: What brings people to a Trauma Sensitive Yoga workshop? [33:00]: How do you use the hero’s journey in a trauma workshop? [45:00]: "This is an opportunity for me to share my gifts and medicines with the world, to spread some light, to spread some hope, to reassure people who are suffering, whether silently or out loud, that healing is possible. I’m living proof that healing is possible."

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