When I was 15, I woke up with eye pains. We did not know my brain was bleeding or that I had been born with too many arteries in my brain. The tangle had become too much and it simply burst insite my skull. Diagnosed as an arteriovenous malformation, I was trapped in a medically-induced coma for 3.5 weeks. That's when the hard work began - short term memory loss, a foot drag, a shake, left peripheral vision loss (that likely means I will never drive a car), and lots of frustration and anger. Not to mention a large scar and a small bald spot on my skull, luckily hidden beneath my long hair. Ten years later, I completed my MFA in Nonfiction and am still writing to figure out what happened, to regain a sense of control and to try and understand memory. I haven't written the "book" but I have a graduate manuscript that is just the beginning.

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