Lynne is a Reality Guide and Personal Growth Mentor who uses ancient spiritual principles that she calls the Guiding Principles of Reality to help those who struggle to find their way back into right alignment with themselves and their life purpose.

Lynne came up through the ranks of experiential learning rather than the more traditional academic route. Lynne has been educated through a life time of studying and observing metaphysical principles taught to her early in life. Lynne has sought and found practical ways of applying those principles for immediate positive change. She started out in the mental health field in the early seventies, hired and trained by an HMO (health maintenance organization) in social work and mental health. She has been in the field of personal growth ever since - moving to the addictions field in the early eighties after successfully transforming her own addictive lifestyle into a more creative and productive one. She is considered one of the pioneers for bringing co-dependency and family of origin work to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Lynne has run her own private practice since 1985.

As a perpetual student of life and consciousness, Lynne has devoted her self to studying with masters of various disciplines. Her first teacher was her mother, Estelle Sanford, a student of metaphysics, who was herself an intuitive that drew upon her inner knowing for wisdom and spiritual truths.

Through her work with clients, Lynne has developed a unique understanding of how the mind works and ways to liberate it from what she calls the “victim mind.”

Today, Lynne teaches that we perceive life in one of two ways - we either react from out of the victim mind or we see life through the eyes of the observer self which witnesses without judgment.

Lynne is devoted to helping people find and clear the painful beliefs and ideas that have caused them distress through a process of accessing the Observer Self. Lynne aims to help people recognize their divine connection with the Universe and teach them how to receive and follow the guidance provided by a world that is designed to awaken us to the memory of who we truly are.

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