May 27th, 2018

8 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

Host Carleena Angwin provides an overview of The Carleena Show and the types of stories we hope to share with you.

The hero's journey lives within all of us. By overcoming a great challenge, leaving the known for the unknown, starting a new business, reexamining life after a loss, taking that first step to recovery, a hero is on their way to transformation. Listening to someone else's story is often the first twinkle of inspiration to get started. Join Carleena as she talks to everyday heroes. She wants to know - what happened that resulted in leaving the status quo for the unknown? What were the hurdles along the journey? How did you overcome them? Who were the mentors that guided you along the way? What insight did you gain in the process? Sharing a hero's journey with others is the ultimate and final gift in the process. The gift inspires others to reexamine their status quo, break unhealthy patterns, and go out on their own hero's journey.

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